Sistah Strut

An event (5K Run & Area Walk) bringing Breast Cancer Awareness, Early Detection and Healthy Living to our Community!
The “Sistah Strut” is our way of coming together with kindred spirits to share our life experiences and to gather with like minds to address the needs of our community, as it relates to Breast Cancer. There are runs and there are walks, but everyone knows that “Sistahs” strut! “Sistahs” are not defined by race, ethnicity, or gender ~ it’s about spirit, attitude and intent. This event is about Passion, Purpose, and Pursuit.

Registration includes: Access to Sistah Strut, T-shirt, Booklet, Team or Special Recognition.

Sat, September 24, 2016
7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Legion Field
400 Graymont Avenue West
Birmingham, AL 35204

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