Alpha Omega Bible Study Ministry


Rev. F. D. Parker, Teacher
Minister Ella Davis, President
Margaret Daniels, Secretary
Ada Marable, Financial Secretary and Tresurer
Alvia Murray, Chaplain
Ruthie Black, Director


Our Mission

The mission of the Alpha Omega club is to provide fellowship and activities with a retired and senior members of our church and community. The activities for the special group will cover the whole needs of a human being. The activities with me to spiritual, social, educational and emotional needs of the group members as well as the general church congregation. The mission of the Alpha Omega Club is based primarily upon Hebrew 10:23-25. The life experiences and wisdom of the Alpha Omega club members will serve as a call to pay for this by the church congregation (v23); A call to favor one another within the church congregation (v24), and a call to fellowship with one another anong the church congregation, (v25).

Activities of the week

Wednesday @12 noon